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6-Common Types of Lawyers

It’s common to hire a law firm when we are in a legal crisis due to confusion and anxiety, but this can be a mistake. Finding a lawyer specializing in your legal field is crucial for practical legal assistance in the vast legal field.

There are several types of lawyers; some practice in common legal areas, while others are specialists in particular legal fields.

Let’s explore common types of lawyers and how to select the right one for your case.

What Is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who works in the legal system, can help with legal proceedings and issues, and advises clients on the law. Paralegals serve as entry-level opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge about the legal field, acting as assistants to lawyers or attorneys.

Although lawyer, attorney, and counsel are often used interchangeably, there are some distinctions between these three types of lawyers.

  • Lawyers: Advise clients on legal issues and potential solutions.
  • Attorneys: Consult with clients, often representing clients in court.
  • Counsels: Lawyers employed by a company or organization acting solely on behalf of the organization.

So, the three lawyer titles offer their holders distinct work opportunities and varying salaries.

Constitutional lawyer

Constitutional lawyers interpret and implement the U.S. Constitution. They balance government interests with individual interests. They may challenge legislation, represent individuals in discrimination suits, or provide university expertise.

Similarly, they may argue legal issues before state supreme courts or the U.S. Supreme Court.

 Law students can obtain a certificate or pursue advanced studies.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

An Intellectual Property Lawyer (IP attorney) provides legal advice to clients regarding the protection and use of ideas, inventions, or other forms of intellectual property.

 Copyright, trademarks, and patents are the three primary regulatory legislative fields pertinent to intellectual property law.

Additional licences and technical expertise in software development, engineering, chemistry, or the biological sciences are prerequisites for patent law.

Real Estate

Real estate lawyers deal with transfer documents, mortgages, title documents, and purchase agreements. They stand for individual tenants, landlords, developers, buyers, and sellers. Buying or selling real estate is the most common reason to hire an estate planning attorney.

Cloud-based real estate legal software helps lawyers by providing a smooth, safe environment for collaborative document management.

Personal Injury

See a personal injury law if you have sustained injuries due to someone’s negligence. Often working on a contingent fee basis, personal injury attorneys increasingly use case management software to enhance case management, cost control, and overall returns.

So, Personal injury lawsuits resulting from car accidents and slip and fall incidents are the most common.

Employment Law

Employers and employees turn to employment lawyers when dealing with legal matters related to the workplace. Employment lawyers handle matters involving contracts, wrongful termination, workplace harassment, retaliation, and discrimination in the workplace.

Family Law

A family practice attorney handles legal matters relating to all kinds of family circumstances. A family lawyer can help clients with a variety of family-related issues. They represent clients in divorce processes, child custody disputes, or child support demands.

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